Industrial Woven Wire Mesh from Locker Wire Weavers

Locker Wire Weavers Limited is a leading industrial woven wire mesh manufacturer, supplier and fabricator based in Warrington UK.

Our wire mesh is used for many sieving, straining, separating, grading and filtering applications.

We supply filter mesh for separation, wire gauze for particle filtration and sieve mesh for grading. Our woven wire mesh products are also used for a vast range of industrial processes.

Wire Mesh supplied from stock

We supply all types of woven metal mesh in a wide range of standard stock specifications, including:

  • Plain Weave
  • Twill Weave
  • Dutch or 'Hollander' Weave
  • Plain Dutch Weave
  • Twill Dutch Weave
  • Reverse Dutch Weave
  • Multiplex Weave.

Read more about weave types.

Wire Mesh Applications

Fuel Cells and Batteries

alkaline fuel cell diagramLocker metal mesh is used for a range of fuel cell applications, and can be applied to a wide variety of battery and electrical accumulator processes.

Read more about wire mesh for fuel cells and batteries

Polymer Filters

Candle filters for polymer filtrationLocker supply a range of filters and systems for Polymer filtration.

Read more about Polymer Filters

Wire Mesh Metals

We maintain a comprehensive stock of stainless steel mesh, and can also supply plain, galvanised and other metal alloys in a variety of roll widths and weave types.

To create Locker mesh, the metal wire is woven on automatic rapier type looms which tightly regulate the number of wires that make up the mesh, maintaining consistency in aperture size and mesh thickness.

Locker is certified to ISO 9001:2015. New cert. ISO 9001-2015

All our high quality woven wire mesh is manufactured in accordance with International Standards.

  Woven wire is available on the roll or cut to size

Carefully checking the quality of wire cloth on the rollLocker mesh can be supplied on the roll, 'as cut' from the roll or supplied cut to size or in strip form. It is always identified with labels showing the material description, mesh and aperture or wire diameter, dimensions and number of pieces, if applicable. Standard roll lengths are 30.5 metres x 1220mm wide. A limited number of specifications are available up to 2000mm.

We have detailed our standard stock specifications.

These are always available in stainless steel and in some specifications, plain and galvanised steel. Other metals and special alloys are generally made to order - please contact us with your special requirements.

  Full support, fabrication and installation

Instruments for measuring the weave quality of wire meshFor further information on our products see the Buyers Guide and FAQ. Experienced engineering staff based at our Warrington Design and Technical Centre are also available to offer advice and guidance in the selection of the most appropriate material for given applications.

All our mesh is manufactured in accordance with International Standards. Locker is an accredited ISO 9001:2015 organisation and is committed to the provision of quality products.

Company Information

Locker comprises the holding company Locker Group Ltd and its specialist operating divisions; Locker Wire Weavers Ltd., Locker Heatshielding Ltd. and Locker Architectural Ltd. All wire mesh materials are manufactured in accordance with International Standards.
Locker Group Terms and Conditions Of Sale

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Locker Wire Weavers Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 420247
Locker Heatshielding Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 5900737
Locker Architectural Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 6752595

VAT Registration No: 896 11 7588

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