PACO Polymer Filtration

After many years of partnering with PACO in supplying high quality wirecloth for a myriad of applications; Locker and PACO have decided to extend the partnership to utilise Locker’s extensive knowledge and background within the industrial wirecloth and filtration markets to also offer and support PACO’s range of ‘Filter’ and ‘Polymer Filtration’ products in the UK market.

Consumers of polymer filters around the world rely on the expertise that PACO have gained over decades in the industry. In addition to leading polymer manufacturers, plant manufacturers and OEMs in particular view PACO as a development partner and supplier for high-quality filter media and specific filter solutions.

The PACO Group combines mesh production, filter expertise and fabrication under one roof. This combination is unique on the market, and enables them to take a holistic view of a range of processes.
All materials are 100% inspected and individual apertures are checked using shadow graph analysis.

Use our online polymer filter enquiry form or download the pdf polymer filter enquiry form to request a quotation for filter elements.

In-House Mesh Production

At the start of every filtration process is the filter medium. Metal wire mesh, non-woven materials and laminates are crucial elements in polymer filtration. In-house production enables Paco to develop, weave and manufacture a range of meshes in the required material, and to the customer’s specifications.

PACO Filter Cartridges

The wide range of PACO filter products opens up almost unlimited applications and solutions for polymer filtration. All the filter types combine a high level of quality in the materials used and the material processing, and fulfil the highest demands in terms of service life and cleaning cycles.

Candle filters for polymer filtration
Spin filter packs

Filter Media for Extrusion

Paco develop and manufacture wire mesh filter elements based on your specifications, samples or drawings. Their extruder screens and melt filters have been used worldwide for decades in the extrusion process for plastics, rubber and silicones. Paco filter discs and spin pack screens allow you to achieve significant improvements in the filtration process.

Re-usable and Cost-effective Filter Elements

Paco modular filter elements are becoming increasingly popular. After cleaning, a substantial portion of the filter cartridge can be reused which, in terms of sustainability, both saves precious resources and is cost-effective.

Reusable mesh filter packs



HETA FiltraSmart Application

Polymer Filter Expertise

FiltraSmart is an innovative control solution that uses scheduled and predictive maintenance cycles to enable prospective system operation and to reduce system downtime.

HETA Bag Filter System

This innovative PACO Group product replaces existing disposable bags with a metal mesh bag filter. Easy cleaning and multiple re-use minimise impact on the environment and your budget. HETA bag filter systems are equipped with a proprietary quick-release closing system, which can also be retrofitted to existing plant and systems.

HETA bag filter system
HETA smart filter system

The Smart HETA Filter System

The smart filter system from HETA, combines the recently developed FiltraSmart control system with an innovative automated filter. A brand new filter cartridge that can be backwashed, combined with a specific pre-separation process ensures unprecedented results in filter fineness and maximum efficiency in continuous filtration.

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