Wire Mesh for Broadloom

Broadloom wire mesh is woven in large sheets. Sometimes referred to as 'wide mesh', it is woven in large wire mesh panels up to 10 metres wide. Locker broadloom mesh is available in Stainless Steel or Bronze alloys, but other materials can be provided to meet unique requirements.

Broadloom wide mesh is ideal for any application where large wire mesh screens are required, and it has historically been used predominantly to cover dandy rolls in the paper industry.

Cylinder Mould Covers

Wire mesh covers for cylinder moulds are used in the production of paper products, multiply board and fibre cement. Depending on the application, and whether used for production or stock preparation, the wide wire mesh screens are diagonally seamed or left open ended.

Produced using strictly controlled processes, wide Bronze wire mesh panels enable precise, fault-free, fine detailed and accurate printing, ideal for secure documents and watermarks. Depending on requirements, the Bronze screens are supplied in rolls or cut to size panels.






Aside from its use in the paper industry, broadloom wire mesh has become increasingly important for a wide range of industrial and structural applications such as:

Flow Conditioning Screens

Broadloom wire mesh flow conditioning screens are typically found in automotive industry wind tunnels, aerospace and academic research installations.

Flow conditioning screens are typically woven from Stainless Steel 316L in panels up to 9 meters wide.

Where wider coverage is needed, broadloom screens can be joined using micro plasma seaming, which retains uniform mesh apertures across the panels and promotes flatness and stability when combined with specialist finishing processes.

Architectural Structures

Where fine woven mesh material is required in continuous pieces without panel breaks, Broadloom wide wire mesh provides opportunities for large expanses of seam-free building cladding, faҫades and decorative feature walls. For more information on our Architectural services visit architecturalwiremesh.com.

Processor Belts

Wire mesh processor belts are used for industrial belts and for manufacturing production lines, typically in the food industry and in the manufacture of floor coverings.

Locker hard-wearing and precision engineered metal mesh belts are reliable long-term. They also reduce maintenance costs, minimise stretching and facilitate easy cleaning.

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