PACO Precision Woven Wire Mesh

PACO has been a pioneer in the development of standards and improved performance of precision woven wire mesh for a broad range of high tech applications from Aerospace, EMI and RFI shielding, solar energy, filtering, sieving, screen and electronic circuit board printing.

All materials are manufactured to the highest standard using latest state of the art equipment and can be woven up to 2250 mm wide.

Stringent quality control procedures are applied through each stage of the manufacturing process, from specifying and verifying the tolerances and mechanical properties of the wire, through to the final inspection of the finished mesh.

All materials are 100% inspected and individual apertures are checked using shadow graph analysis.

PACO Screen Print Specifications.

Key Features of PACO precision woven wire mesh

  • mesh thickness maintained +/- 1.5 micron
  • low elongation reduces tension loss and gives improved registration
  • increased mesh strength extends screen life and allows faster run speeds
  • faster tension stabilisation improves screen turnaround time
  • production technique ensures mesh lays flat for easier handling
  • can be electrically heated, with dimensional stability up to 600°C
  • high abrasion resistance: can be used with aggressive inks (e.g. ceramic pastes)
  • no absorption of moisture or solvents
  • no electrostatic charging

PACO EMI/RFI Shielding Mesh

Computers and other electronic equipment can be easily disrupted by electromagnetic interference. EMI/RFI shielding provides screening for devices, housings, systems and even complete rooms. The high-precision geometry of PACO cloths and range of permutations available through combinations of mesh size, wire gauge and selection of material, provides a solution for each individual screening situation.

A range of very fine precision woven wire mesh is produced in stainless steel and copper for EMC shielded windows and RFI applications. EMI quality stainless steel wire mesh is readily available at 1220 mm wide in 50, 80 and 100 mesh with a wire diameter of 0.030 mm for greater percentage open area and improved visual quality. 1500 mm wide can be produced subject to a minimum weave order, typically 300m2.

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