Wire Mesh for Insect and Fly Screening

Insects such as flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other undesirable airborne pests are a constant threat to personal comfort, environmental health and hygiene.

Locker Wire Weavers Ltd is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of insect screening mesh, which can exclude flying insects while allowing light and fresh air in.

We stock an extensive range of standard insect proof mesh and fly screen for industrial, commercial and domestic use.  Our fly mesh and insect screening mesh is available in a variety of fine mesh materials including aluminium, fibreglass, galvanised steel and stainless steel.

The mesh can be used for insect screening and fly proofing windows, doors and ventilation areas in homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants and other establishments where there is a potential airborne pest problem.

Wire mesh insect proof screens for soffit board ventilators

UK building regulations now insist upon mesh screening to be fitted above soffit board ventilators, and we are able to supply our standard grades in strip form specifically for this purpose.

All specifications are stocked in roll lengths of 30.5m and widths of 1220mm.

Cut to size pieces can also be supplied.

Buy Wire Mesh for Insect and Fly Screening

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