Wire Mesh for EMI and RFI Shielding and RFID Protection

Wire Mesh is widely used to protect key equipment from ‘Radio Frequency Interference’ (RFI) and/or ‘Electromagnetic Interference’ (EMI). The earliest example of this would be a ‘Faraday Cage’.

Mesh can be supplied as rolls, cut to size pieces, or as fabricated parts to suit individual requirements.

There are many applications which use wire mesh for EMI/RFI shielding:

  • Creation of Faraday cages around smart meters
  • Military use, protecting battlefield tactic systems, communication systems, hand held computers, etc
  • Securing test chambers, computer rooms, or recording rooms
  • Signal jamming and NFC (Near Field Communication) blocking
  • Telecommunications
  • Preventing interference with medical equipment such as MRI machines
  • Prevention of RFID (radio frequency Identification) skimming of items such as car keys, laptops, contactless bank cards, mobile phones
  • GPS Navigation systems
  • Stealth technology

Key benefits of using wire mesh for RFI & EMI applications:

  • Easily formed to the correct size / shape to suit application
  • Can assist avoiding the ‘Corona Effect’ (air around component becoming conductive)
  • Excellent fire and corrosion resistance
  • Available in numerous metals; Copper, Stainless Steel, Phosphor Bronze and Aluminium to name but a few
  • An almost infinite number of specifications and open areas are available, manufactured to suit individual requirements.

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