Wire Mesh for Bird Screening

Locker wire mesh is available in a huge variety of different sizes and gauges.  It can be moulded to fit contours and shapes making it suitable for almost any bird (primarily pigeon) exclusion operation.

bird screening wire mesh

It is easy to install, effective and humane.

Many of the issues associated with nylon bird netting, such as birds becoming trapped, do not apply when using wire mesh, mainly due to the rigidity of the product. Wire mesh is also considerably easier to install than its nylon counterpart and often requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Longevity is another factor that should be considered when faced with installing a bird screening device. Wire mesh will invariably last much longer than nylon bird netting and, in most cases, will offer a higher degree of protection.

To create the bird screening, cabled wires are fabricated by either knotting together or joining using ferrules to form apertures in the range of 30 x 30 mm up to 100 x 100 mm.

Also our welded wire mesh is widely used for aviaries, bird feeders and bird tables.

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