Wire Mesh for Paper Board

Locker woven wire mesh is widely used in the wood processing industry for a number of specific operations involved in paperboard manufacture:

  • Ventilation
  • Dewatering
  • Pressing
  • Embossing
  • Drying

As a key part of these specific operations, wire mesh screens play a vital role in the production of paperboard.

Within the forming part (also known as the wet-end) of a paperboard machine, wood pulp (95% + water and balance cellulose fibre) is released over a moving wire mesh screen.  While the water is drained through the screen, using a vacuum and the force of gravity, fibres are left behind to form a sheet of wet paperboard.

paperboard with waffle pattern

The wet wood pulp is tightly squeezed against wire mesh screens to remove water. This mechanical dewatering begins in the forming stage and plays a vital role in the final quality of paperboard,  as any imperfections appearing at this stage cannot be corrected later.

Wire mesh caul screens and press draining screens create the familiar 'waffle' pattern on the underside of the board. The wet sheet of paperboard is then moved on to a felt and then on to a dryer section where it becomes a dry sheet of usable paperboard.

We are able to supply wire mesh on the roll for fabrication into screens used for paperboard manufacture.  Alternatively we can supply screens pre-fabricated to your precise specifications. Contact our experienced team for more information.


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