Specifications of Locker Woven Wire Mesh

Popular Specifications

Woven wire mesh has traditionally been designated by a mesh number (or mesh count) representing the number of wires per linear inch. Although current national and international standards have deleted mesh counts in favour of designation by aperture size and wire diameter alone, the accompanying chart retains mesh count and wire diameter as a means of measurement to facilitate easy identification of mesh specifications.

Popular standard specifications are linked below. These are normally held in stock or available on short delivery.

Other Standard Specifications

In addition to the listed specifications, all the specifications contained in ISO 4783 can be supplied. However, the less popular of these meshes and non-standard specifications may be subject to minimum order quantities. We also maintain a comprehensive stock of Dutch weaves (see table below) and as suppliers to the USA, we are able to supply market grade wire mesh, mill grade screen mesh and industrial hardware mesh.

Non Standard Specifications

In theory there is an infinite number of combinations of aperture size, wire diameter and types of weave that can be produced. If you have a particular application that requires a critical combination of aperture and wire size to achieve a specific product, particle retention or free open area, Locker are always happy to assist in the development of new meshes to suit particular applications.


Locker is certified to ISO 9001:2015 with all technical and testing requirements conforming to ISO 9044, the international wire mesh standard. These standards certify that the materials and procedures used in the production of our wire mesh are carefully controlled and inspected to ensure that the highest levels of quality are maintained.

Specifications for a wide range of Locker woven wire mesh products are listed below.

All our woven wire mesh is manufactured in accordance with International Standards. For advice on specifying or installing our products, call our Design and Technical Centre.


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