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Wire mesh preseed components and fabricated filters
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Woven wire mesh filters

Locker are specialists in the manufacture of woven wire mesh filters and screens for a wide variety of industrial clients and applications.

Wire mesh filter tubes, bound multi-layer disc packs and other custom made parts can be manufactured to order. Extruder screens, disc packs and spinneret filters can be supplied as separate components or combined in varying meshes, spot welded together or bound with aluminium, stainless steel or copper rims to form multi-layer screen packs and spinneret filters.

Our wire mesh filter products are used extensively in the manufacture and reprocessing of plastic and rubber products and the synthetic fibre industry. Read more about wire mesh used for plastic extrusion.

woven wire mesh filters

Fabricated Wire Mesh Filters

Locker manufacture purpose-made filters, pressings and filter elements to customers' specifications.

Facilities include welding, soft soldering, brazing, spot welding and press forming, and the production of filters incorporating turned or shaped metal components.

To achieve your precise requirements we provide...

  • welding
  • soft soldering
  • brazing
  • spot welding
  • press forming
  • high speed cutting of plain discs and washers.

...along with the following finishing services:

  • slit to width rolls
  • cut pieces
  • fine blanking
  • annealing
  • degreasing
  • ultra sonic cleaning
  • calendering
  • air plasma cutting
  • laser cutting of complex shapes.
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