LOKMESH® high security mesh with a Flat Top weave

Pre-crimped woven mesh uses wire crimped before the mesh is woven, giving it two major advantages over plain weave mesh:

  1. It is more rigid, making it better for heavy duty applications.
  2. The aperture is more consistent and accurate, making it better for filtration.






LOKMESH® high security mesh with a Flat Top weave, where the wire is pre-crimped and woven in such a way as to make the surface of one side flat and smooth.

The flat side allows materials to pass through with less friction, meaning particles pass through faster and the mesh is subject to less wear than other weaves. Conversely, the opposite and uneven side results in more friction which will slow particles down.






Stock Specifications

Locker Wire Weavers offers the following flat top mesh specifications from stock:

Wire Diameter
Open Area
8 x 82645.6
10 x 10269.44.7
15 x 15273.54
15 x 152.575.64.1
20 x 202.5793.9
20 x 20375.65.5
25 x 252.582.63.2
25 x 25381.23.9
30 x 30382.63.8
40 x 40482.65.1
50 x 50485.74.2
50 x 50582.66.4

Typically available as standard sized panels and rolls of various width.

Typically available in mild steel, galvanised steel, AISI304 Stainless Steel and AISI316 Stainless Steel.

Other specifications and sizes are made to order. Please contact our sales team to discuss.

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