Fine Wire Mesh

Fine wire mesh, also known as wire cloth, micro wire mesh or ultra-fine wire mesh, is a type of wire mesh with very small openings or apertures. It is typically made from thin wires and has a high mesh count, meaning that it has a large number of openings per unit area.

Fine metal mesh is mainly used for filtration and separation applications, where it is able to filter out particles or substances that are smaller in size than the openings in the mesh. It is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing, as well as in research and development laboratories.

Generally speaking, mesh sizes of 50 or above are considered to be fine. At the extreme, Locker's 500 mesh has an aperture size of 0.026 mm and wire diameter of 0.025 mm. Dimensional details of all meshes are available in our Woven Wire Mesh Stock Specifications

Applications for fine wire mesh

Some specific applications include:

Fine mesh can also be used in decorative and architectural applications, where it can be used to create an attractive and intricate pattern or design. It is often used in interior and exterior design elements, such as wall and ceiling panels, and room dividers. Decorative Screens

stainless steel 304-250 wire mesh
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