Clarifier Performance

Installation of upward flow clarifier screens offers a cheaper and quicker solution than most other options to the problems of overloaded or malfunctioning settlement tanks.

Reducing Suspended Solids Carry Over

The screens enhance natural settlement, trap rising solids and in hydraulic overload conditions will retain much of the active biomass that would otherwise be swept over the weir.

The Locker Clarifier Systems have been installed at biological waste water treatment works utilising percolating filters and activated sludge processes.

Reduction of suspended solids after clarifier installation

Graph showing reduction of suspended solids after clarifier installation

Average results from a trial of a heavily loaded pyramidal tank fitted with Locker Clarifier Screens.
The Lockertex Clarifer Screens had been performing successfully for 17 years at this site:
InfluentEffluent% Removal

144 S.S.

 20  S.S.


Humus tank trial Lockertex Clarifier Screens versus Pebble Beds:


Effluent Lockertex

Effluent Pebble Beds

35.8 S.S. average

4.8 S.S. average

14.9 S.S. average

( 68 S.S. max. )

( 14 S.S. max. )

( 48 S.S. max. )

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