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Decorative Screens

Brass woven wire mesh can be used to make decorative screens or grilles for a variety of applications. The screens are commonly used within radiator cabinets, but can also be seen in wall units, loudspeakers, air conditioning units or within other products requiring a screen for decorative purposes.

When used within decorative screens for radiator cabinets, the brass mesh is used as a backing panel to which a flat brass lattice is attached, as shown in the image above. The screen hides the radiator from view to provide a more decorative, less functional impression.

Locker brass wire mesh decorative screens are supplied unfinished ready for frames and special finishes such as laquering to be applied as required.

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Brass 16/16 (1220mm x 30.5m)

Brass 16/16 (1220mm x 30.5mm)

Commonly used for decorative screens. More...

Brass 8/8 (1220mm x 15.24m)

Brass 8/8 (1220mm x 15.24mm)

Commonly used for decorative screens. More...

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